I provide psychotherapy services for youth, adults, couples, and families experiencing a wide range of emotional and behavioral concerns, including depression, anxiety, loss and relationship issues, trauma, and burnout and stress.

Psychotherapy for Individuals

Utilizing an interpersonal foundation, my work with adults and adolescents centers upon engaging in a dialogue regarding the challenges and difficulties individuals experience in their lives, supporting a process of greater understanding and flexibility toward adapting to the pain and suffering brought about by emotional, behavioral, and relational problems. Often, mindfulness practices and adaptive skill building excercises can additionally be utilized to broaden individuals' capacities to develop greater awareness of their patterns of thinking and/or behaving that keep them "stuck", and allow for greater abilities to make effective changes in their lives.

Psychotherapy for Children

My work with children, while also rooted in an interpersonal frame, is more oriented toward facilitating a child's emotional and behavioral development, and adaptive coping skills. Work with children often involves use of play and expressive materials as opposed to extensive dialogue. Age-appropriate mindfulness and coping skills exercises can also be used to support children in developing the resiliency to manage the devlopmental, emotional, and behavioral challenges they face.

Psychotherapy for Couples and Families

Couples and families are systems, which the experiences and behavioral and emotional difficulties of individuals, along with the external world of stressors, can manifest in communication challenges, parenting stress and burnout, sibling conflicts, parent-child relational difficulties, intimacy problems, and even secondary experiences of trauma. My work with couples, families, and parents involves working together to understand the personal and systemic dynamics that have contributed to such concerns, to develop effective listening, communication, self-care, and parenting skills as necessary, and support the development of family and couple relationships that provide mutual support and fulfillment.