Groups and Workshops


I periodically offer psychotherapy groups focused upon supporting individuals experiencing parental stress, burnout, and secondary traumas associated with parenting and caring for children and youth with long-term disabilities, developmental concerns, chronic illness, severe emotional and behavioral difficulties, and primary traumas.

Additionaly, I offer groups for professional care providers who may be experiencing burnout and/or secondary trauma associated with their work.


I offer psycho-educational workshops for parents faced with decisions regarding the special education needs of their children with learning, developmental, and emotional behavioral concerns. These workshops provide parents with an introductory overview of special education, the process of requesting an assessment and engaging the local school district's special education services, and how to work with local district and independent special education professionals to provide the best services possible for their children.

Please contact me for additional information about group and workshop sessions and locations.

Special Education Consultation

I also provide individualized consultation for parents regarding their particular child's needs, including assessment recommendations, guidance regarding the Individualized Education Plan process, and ongoing follow-up.