Assessment and Evaluation

Psychological Assessment

Adults, adolescents, and children often present with complex concerns influenced by cognitive and other psychological factors. Often, children in particular can present with physical symptoms and maladies as an expression of psychological distress, which can be confusing for parents and providers alike. A psychological assessment can screen for such issues as the impact of anxiety, stress, depression, and personality traits upon concerns of everyday living as well as upon primary medical conditions. Such assessments can also assist in the differential diagnosis and treatment of developmental delays and disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and rule out the influence of psychological factors. Brief functional cognitive assessments can also provide screenings for memory, learning, and other processing difficulties that can guide decision making regarding courses of support, treatment, and education for children and adults with identified delays or impairments.

Psycho-educational Evaluation

A psycho-educational evaluation focuses upon the determination of children's needs and concerns in a learning environment, and identifies specific learning, processing, and emotional and/or behavioral factors that impact their ability to thrive and be successful academically. Concerns such as learning disabilities, anxiety, ADHD, developmental delays, among others, can all impact a child's experience of learning. These problems may indicate the need for modifications and/or accomodations in a child's educational environment, in addition to efforts of remediation and treatment. Such an evaluation typically involves a review of historical records, along with interviews of parents and teachers, child observation, cognitive and academic testing, and an assessment of emotional and behavioral factors, and takes three to four weeks.

If you believe you or your child would benefit from an evaluation, or if you are seeking an independent educational evaluation following a special education assessment, please contact me to discuss your specific concerns.